About Us

Sovran Arms
Sovran Arms, the developed brand of Pishtov Arms, was established as a young start-up project to supply high quality firearms and airguns in Turkey, 2020.

Sovran Airguns
Sovran Arms, which developed the Pishtov models in the test centers it had just established, returned to the United States with Sovran PCP Air Rifles at the beginning of 2021.
Sovran Arms plans to move head office of Sovran Air to United States in the near future.

ATTENTION: Sovran Arms is not affiliated with a brand other than Pishtov in any country.
We purchase the "stocks" of some Sovran models from different suppliers.
Similar or same stock design products cannot be affiliated with Sovran.

Sovran Arms does not provide warranty to any airgun except for airguns with the Sovran logo, Sovran manual and Sovran warranty certificate.
Pishtov is considered as Sovran.

Dear Pishtovers;
We would like to thank Pishtovers for reporting their suggestions for development.
We provided Sovran's performance by taking their suggestions into consideration.
Sovran aims to be an airgunner friendly company.
We are aware of how important your suggestions are.
Feel free to contact us for any recommends or complaints.

Available in United States

Official online store of Sovran PCP Airguns in United States.